Grammar and Usage

Developed by: Bill Huitt, April 2005

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Derived from: John Hummel, Four Types of Sentences

Grade level: Grade 7, Language Arts

Purpose: This lesson provides students at the middle school level in writing sentences according to a specific purpose: declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory.


After the lesson on types of sentences, Ss will:

  1. list and define in their own words using complete sentences the 4 categories of sentences with 100% accuracy.

  2. state the correct end punctuation associated with each of the 4 types of sentences with 100% accuracy.

  3. when given 12 sentences without end punctuation, correctly punctuate at least 10 of the sentences.

  4. when given 20 sentences, label at least 17 correctly as to the type of sentence each is in no longer than 15 minutes.

  5. when given a topic, Ss will write an example of each of the 4 types of sentences for the topic with 75% accuracy.

  6. on a homework or in-class assignment, Ss will, when given a topic, write at least one 5-7 sentence paragraph on the topic that employs each of the 4 types of sentences with 75% accuracy (correct grammar and spelling).


Overview: Review:

Overview: What:

Overview: Why:


At each point in the explanation have students provide additional examples. Ask other students to evaluate the correctness of the students' examples.

Probe and Respond:


Guided Practice:

Have students work in groups of three on the following exercise:

1.         Name and define the four types of sentences (spell each correctly!)

2.         Describe the end punctuation each type of sentence uses.

3.         For each of the following sentences write the type of sentence each is, insert the correct end punctuation, and write a sentence explaining why the sentence is the type you indicated.

a.         Tom is Harryís best friend

            SENTENCE TYPE __________________

b.         Please help me put the groceries away

            SENTENCE TYPE __________________

c.         Are you going to church tomorrow

            SENTENCE TYPE __________________

d.         sunset is so pretty I think I am going to cry

            SENTENCE TYPE __________________

4.         Write a paragraph (5 or more sentences) using each of the 4 sentence types at least once on the following topic: PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN GEORGIA SHOULD HAVE CLASSES FROM 8-NOON ON SATURDAYS. After each sentence, in parentheses, label each sentence by type.

Independent Practice:

Periodic Review:


Formative (Daily Success):

Summative (Mastery):


Cues and Prompts:

Corrective Feedback:

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