Integrating Academic and Brilliant Star Objectives

Project Coordinator: W. Huitt
Last revised: November 2010

The need for educators and parents to focus on helping children and youth develop holistically, in addition to academic knowledge and skills, is widely accepted. However, given the pressure on teachers and administrators to guide students in academics, the major question is how might this be done. Just as importantly, there is disagreement among some of the most important influences on children and youth as to how to proceed. The following units and lesson plans integrate learning activities that focus on basic academic skills with those that take a more holistic view of identifying important knowledge, attitudes, and skills.

The Brilliant Star framework was used to identify important desired outcomes of schooling and education; it proposes three core elements and ten domains for consideration. The central theme is that those involved in the development of children and youth need to consider a holistic approach, including multiple factors that contribute to successful adulthood.

Subject Grade Level Materials Available
Mathematics Upper Elementary
Science Upper Elementary
Physical Science


Ethics, R/LA, or Social Studies 8 or 9th
Reading/Language Arts

Middle Grades/9th

Literature & Composition 10


History 11 or 12th

Special Thanks to the following contributors:

Contributor School Location
Jennifer Ballard    
Melissa Giggey    
Marsha Huitt Franconian International School Erlangen, Germany
Glenn Lawler Franconian International School Erlangen, Germany
Patricia Rhodes    
Suraya Walker Charlton County HS Folkston, GA


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