The Brilliant Star Integrative Reading Project
Upper Elementary and Middle Grades

Project Coordinator: W. Huitt
Last revised: March 2009

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This site is under constant development; it should be considered a work in progress and any additions, suggestions, and/or commentary are welcome. The following links provide lesson summaries in an outline format. [Note: A link for the title connects to a R/LA objective; M = Mathematics; SC = Science; SS = Social Studies]

Upper Elementary (Grades 3 - 5)
Domain Title AR
Links Author
MorChr Abraham Lincoln 4.1   Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire
SocCulture A Cool Drink of Water     Barbara Kerley
SocCulture A Little Peace     Barbara Kerley
MorChr Brave Irene 3.9 SC William Steig
MorChr Daniel Boone: Wilderness Pioneer 4.2   William Sanford
MorChr Davy Crockett: Legendary Frontiersman 5.0   Carole Marsh
Cog/Think George Washington 4.2 SS [unit] Kiki Mosher
CogThink If You Decide To Go To The Moon 4.1   Faith McNulty
MorChr I'll See You When the Moon is Full     Jim Fowler
Spiritual Island of the Blue Dolphins [unit] 5.4   Scott O'Dell
MorChar Liar Liar 3.0   Gordon Korman
MorChr Marco Polo 4.1   Farley Mowat
MorChr Martin Luther King, Jr.: Learning About Dignity 4.4   Virginia E. Wadsworth
MorChr My Brother Martin 5.0   David Barry
SocCulture Seedfolks     Paul Fleischman
MorChr Sarah Plain and Tall     John R. Gardiner
AffEmot Shoeshine Girl     Clyde Robert Bulla
SocCulture Squanto and the First Thanksgiving 3.0   Joyce Kessel
PerStyle The Berenstain Bears Go To Camp 4.0   Stan & Jan Berenstain
Con/Vol The Story of Ruby Bridges 4.4 SS Robert Coles
PerStyle Tall Tales [unit] various   various
AffEmot Teammates 5.4 Peter Golenbock
AffEmot The Biggest, Best, Snowman 3.6   Margery Cuyler
AffEmot The Hundred Penny Box 3.9   Sharon Bell Mathis
MorChr The Lewis & Clark Expedition 3.5   Joanna Cole
Family The Lotus Seed Sherry Garland
CogThink The Magic School Bus Gets Programmed 4.3   Joanna Cole
CogThink The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor 3.9   Joanna Cole
ConVol The Stranger 3.7   Chris Van Allsburg
Perceive The Trail of Tears 4.8 SS [unit] Joseph Bruchac
Soc Cult The Wump World 5.3   Bill Peet
Friends Tokyo Friends Betty Reynolds
Family Yang the Third and Her Impossible Family Lensey Namioka


Middle Grades (Grades 6 - 8)
Domain Title AR
Links Author


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