Becoming A Brilliant Star
Curriculum Mapping Project

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The purpose of these materials is to demonstrate how the domains of the Brilliant Star framework can be used in a school-based curriculum mapping process.  The basic domains are shown in level 1.  These are the top-level titles that would be visible in the curriculum mapping template, at the same level as the titles of academic subjects.  Selecting any of these terms would reveal a pull-down menu providing more specificity within that domain.  For example, if a school were an IB school desiring to include the Habits of Mind, the pull-down menus would include the IB Learner Profile attributes as well as other subcategories identified in the Brilliant Star framework.  In turn, selecting one of those sub-category titles would reveal the 16 Habits of Mind as well as additional detail on the other subcategories of the Brilliant Star framework.

There are many excellent programs that focus on one or more of the domains in the Brilliant Star framework.  Analysis of the standards and objectives using the Brilliant Star framework brings attention to issues that have not been considered in a particular program and that a school might want to add as educators address the holistic development of their students. For example, using the framework to consider IB Learner Profile attributes focuses attention on the potential need for additional attributes relating to the domains of physical development, spirituality, and citizenship.

Additionally, considering the integration of two programs potentially strengthens the holistic focus at the school by including attributes from both.  For example, desired attributes of the Habits of Mind or the Search Institute approaches with the Integrated Ethics Education program reveals important thinking attributes considered in one, but not the other.  Additionally, the inclusion of moral character attributes that form the basis of the Integrative Ethics Education program can add to the depth and breadth of the Habits of Mind program.

There are additional sets of standards and accompanying programs beyond those listed here.  For example, the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) has worked with a variety of states to develop standards that focus more on holistic objectives.  The Partnership for 21st Century Skills has developed an excellent framework and has also worked with a variety of states to incorporate these into the curriculum.  The Holistic Education website documents many additional approaches.  Finally, Tony Wagner identified  7 survival skills and augmented those with attitudes and skills required to be an innovator.

The Brilliant Star framework will work equally as well with those programs to highlight what is thought to be important and lead to consideration of expanding the list and/or integrating attributes from other approaches.

Samples of Titles and Sub-Categories

Basic Brilliant Star Domains

Focus on Particular Programs

International Baccalaureate (IB) -- Learner Profile

Costa & Kallick--Habits of Mind

Narvaez et al. -- Integrated Ethics Education

Search Institute -- Internal Assets

Partnerships for 21st Century Skills

Integrating Programs

IB Learner Profile and Habits of Mind

 IB Learner Profile and Integrated Ethics Education

IB Learner Profile and Search Institute's Internal Assets

Habits of Mind and Integrated Ethics Education

IB Learner Profile, Habits of Mind, and Integrated Ethics Education

Comparison of All Five Systems -- Brilliant Star, IB, Habits of Mind, IEE, and Search Institute

Additional Comparisons

Domains of Human Development 21st Century Skills All Comparisons


IB Learner Profile

Habits of Mind

Integrated Ethics Education

Search Institute

Partnership for 21st Century Skills

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

Motivation and Well-being

Tony Wagner

Latest Revision of the Becoming a Brilliant Star Framework

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